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The Sun showing no decency with Gary Speed

…And back to The Sun again.

It’s be two days since Gary Speed was found dead, and his relatives and friends are still most likely in deep shock.

That doesn’t stop The Sun though, and they go all hot and heavy with a speculative piece – naturally written in definitives – about how he wasn’t depressed. It’s not the time or the place.

Do you really think this is appropriate at the moment? A family ripped apart, a group of his friends in mourning, and the whole football world in shock – and we’ve got a tabloid speculating about the cause of his death. And you’re using the quotes of a football agent to do it.

Sorry, but you’ve got to be a bit more human than that. Splashing his face over the papers at the moment in anything other than remembrance is not acceptable – it’s been two days. Why not show a little bit of respect for once?

All I really, really want for Christmas is the Leveson Inquiry to truly drop the hammer on the tabloids. The abuse of their influence over the public have gone on too long, and there needs to be some very harsh retribution. They tread on people’s memories, they speculate inappropriately, and they ruin lives – it must be time to flog them publicly.

…And don’t give me the argument about there being the ‘demand for this kind of journalism’, because that’s really irrelevant – let’s have some social responsibility for once.