Sam Jacks’ Gary Speed T-Shirts defining bad taste at Newcastle game

Whoever came up with this idea should be ashamed of themselves.

Anybody who watched Newcastle/Chelsea yesterday, or who was at St James’ Park, will have seen the Gary Speed tribute t-shirts that were issued by Sam Jacks – a Newcastle bar. Apologies, but I can’t find any images if you missed them.

I’m all for remembering Gary Speed and paying a proper tribute, but did the name of the bar really have to appear on the t-shirt as well? At no point during this ‘marketing initiative’ did anybody say ‘maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to be seen as trying to profit off such a tragic situation’?

Really, nobody? Nobody thought that they might be seen as completely tasteless and inappropriate. It’s calculating and cold-blooded, and absolutely revolting – there are no mitigating circumstances.

Whoever you are, you used suicide as a means of advertising your bar – dressing something up as a tribute, but all along it’s just a Trojan Horse to widen a profit margin.


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  1. Magpieraimger you are a

  2. magpieranger- you only bring shame on yourself with comments like that

  3. People who are calling speedo a coward do not know the reasons so should maybe just shut up. As for the noncing comments that just proves the problems we have with some fans views

  4. ‘magpieranger’ you completer and utter moron

  5. MagpieRanger – and you know Gary Speed didn’t have a mental illness how? Did you know him personally? Associate with him? Maybe knew him from the golf course? Or are you talking out of your arse? Probably, I’d say. The fact of the matter is, that to even contemplate suicide, tells you that something is going on within that person that is beyond comprehension, unless you’re a counsellor or psychologist. And as I work in the field of mental health, I’d wager that maybe, just maybe, something was going on below the surface. Of course I may be wrong, but to call someone a COWARD without having the full facts, labels you an arsehole.

  6. @magpieranger
    your a f@$*king disgrace! you dont know the circumstances surrounding his death, so to call him or anybody a coward just shows your pure lack of intelligence.

  7. magpieranger – You’re a flamin idiot, you have no idea what Speed may have been going through,s o to call him or anyone else who takes their life a coward is beyond calissness, it’s pathetic… Until you’ve walked in his or someone elses shoes who’s suffered, then you have no right to say what you have, it’s people like you who, when confronted with depression or a mental illness as you’ve put it, are the worst… get a life you sad moron!!!

    As for the t-shirts, I didn’t take much notice until I saw this blog, I doubt many others would have either, so why did you have to bring it up!!!

  8. Sam Jacks Regular

    Typical, ignorant article from an outsider who knows nothing about the club or the fans. The sentiment behind the t shirts was not of self promotion. Pre match, there were many tributes in the bar about Speed & his career. The t shirts represented the bar yes, but in tribute to Speed. After a few hundred were given away, they offered to order extra & sell them at cost price, with all takings given to charity. The bar runs auctions & collections at every game for charity & are responsible for £thousands raised each game.
    The bad taste is taking this so far out of context. The intention was genuine, if not so well thought out. Just leave it like that, rather than use this as another opportunity to have a pop at Newcastle & its supporters.

  9. I hate bellends who shout no no no when people disagree with them. Who the fuck do you think you are?

  10. i’m not particularly a massive fan of sam jack’s, however i just see it as they’ve printed a tribute to gary speed and are proud of what he did for the football club. i have witnessed a few occasions whereby they auction signed shirts and memorabilia to charities. i feel that you’ve taken something out of nothing regarding something which didn’t need to be brought up which i guess could be described as, ‘classless’.

  11. And now people are publicising their bar in response to this, I knew of them, but hadn’t thought about them for a while, until I read this

    There’s only one sort of bad publicity and that is being caught noncing

  12. Are you for real? To be honest with you they went above and beyond in terms of a tribute.

    Regardless of how nice a fella he was or his footballing achievements he was ultimately a coward and if a titty bar gets some air time through it then good luck to them.

    I can only think of one scenario that would make me contemplate taking my own life and that would be the death of my kids. Speedo leaves his and a wife behind. No mental health issues so I’m afraid he took the cowards way out, torturing his loved ones. COWARD!!!

  13. thepremierleagueowl

    No no no – print the t-shirts but leave the name of the bar off them. If you’re going to do a tribute, then great – but nobody should be using it as a platform for promotion and marketing.

  14. Or u could just realise sam jack’s bar lead a huge tribute to Gary Speed and were proud to let everybody see that they were well involved!

  15. thepremierleagueowl

    Oh really? Gets worse and worse.

  16. Sam Jacks is a topless bar, to make matters worse.

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