Ozil England bound?

Rumours are persisting that Mesut Ozil is attracting interest from ‘Champions League’ teams in England.  Still no comment of any note to back this up, and it seems likely that the rumour-mongers have simply attached themselves to a player that has started brightly in the World Cup

Having lost talismanic Brazilian Diego to Juventus less than a year ago, Werder Bremen are unlikely to entertain the idea of offloading another asset so soon. Still very little more than a space-filler in the press, but not beyond the realms of possibility.  Clearly technically astute, the Turkish-born German wold seem more of a natural fit for La Liga, as the overly protected world of International football is a world away from the physical battleground of the Premier League.  Furthermore, the predictable fee inflation that Werder will no doubt take advantage of should dissuade all but the most affluent of clubs from taking what would equate to quite a risk.  If is England, it’ll be Manchester City.

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