Manchester City’s Wayne Bridge fires back at Roberto Mancini

Prepare to have absolutely no sympathy here…

I can’t stand it when players do this, when they revert back to teenage levels of sensitivity. You’ll remember Roberto Mancini’s comments about part-time footballer Wayne Bridge a few days ago, where he pretty much accused him of staying at the club purely for financial reasons. Well Wayne didn’t seem to like that much, and has come out swinging at his manager:

“When I was at Chelsea I was playing for a team where Ashley Cole was the best in the world and I still got games.

It won’t happen at City. There has never been an explanation, but it’s obvious they don’t want me.

Mancini doesn’t really speak to me, he doesn’t really speak to any of the players. The only time I’ve known a player isolated like this was Winston Bogarde at Chelsea. Usually you still train with the first team, even when they want you out.

I’ve never caused trouble, I’m not that kind of character.

There will be days when I’m frustrated – not depressed, but down. Training helps take my mind off the fact that I don’t play.

If I kicked up a fuss I might have got out easier.”

Yeah Wayne, you’re a real hero for not ‘causing trouble’. There ‘are days when’ you’re ‘frustrated’ are there? Poor you, it’s so very difficult when you’re stuck at a club that doesn’t want you and you just have to sit there and collect your money.

Regarding the lack of an ‘explanation’ – grow up. If Bridge is not playing, the chances are that it’s because Roberto Mancini thinks that he’s not capable of performing at the level that the rest of his team is. Which, incidentally, isn’t unreasonable given the abomination of a loan spell he phoned-in at West Ham last season.

Maybe Wayne Bridge’s quest for first-team football would be helped by reconsidering what he’s worth on a week-to-week basis? Just a thought…

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