Man City’s Tevez with a transparent PR exercise

I’m not usually an advocate of schadenfreude, but I am quite enjoying what’s happening to Carlos Tevez.

So, you want more money do you? A move back to Argentina to be closer to your family? Or maybe a move to Spain would do? Or Italy?

Of course, not only did the Argentine not get his move away, but once he was forced to stay he was stripped of the captaincy and now finds himself languishing on the bench watching Sergio Aguero usurp his position in the hearts of the fans.

Good, hats off to Manchester City, because I’m sure every fan who’s watched a star player treat their club like Tevez has treated City will be loving this. This is the trade off when a player is employed by a phenomenally wealthy club; while they may earn an astronomical salary, the ‘player power’ antics aren’t nearly as effective as they would be at a less affluent club. City don’t need to sell him and have no problem paying his wages.

Last night showed Carlos Tevez for who he really is as a footballer. His refusal to warm-up had nothing to do with his family, his inability to speak English, or the Manchester weather. He’s sulking, because for once Kia Joorabchian was unable to twist a club’s arm into getting his client what he wanted.

Of course this morning, the usual ‘misunderstanding’ stories are being leaked out by Tevez’s PR team.

“There was some confusion on the bench and I believe my position may have been misunderstood.

I would like to apologise to all Manchester City fans, with whom I have always had a strong relationship, for any misunderstanding that occurred in Munich.

They understand that when I am on the pitch I have always given my best for the club. In Munich on Tuesday I had warmed up and was ready to play.

This is not the right time to get into specific details as to why this did not happen. But I wish to state that I never refused to play.

Going forward I am ready to play when required and to fulfil my obligations.”

There was no confusion, watch the interview with Roberto Mancini below.

What a difference a conversation with your agent makes. A misunderstanding, but one that you’re unable to explain? Sounds reasonable Carlos. Nobody doubts that these words belong to Joorabchian rather than Tevez, because the former is smart – he knows that every little incident like this moves makes him more of a risk to the Barcelonas, AC Milans, and Real Madrids of this world.

A bit of PR skullduggery to protect the image, it’s all lies. He did refuse to warm-up and play, an entire Champions League television audience can attest to that.

This kind of player is a cancer in the game, so Roberto Mancini is to be whole-heartedly applauded if he follows through with his threat never to let Tevez play for him again. It would be quite childish, and to their own detriment, but I’d quite like to see City force Tevez to see out the rest of his contract – make him sit on the bench and watch the fans fall in love with Sergio Aguero.

He wouldn’t even have to warm-up for that…

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