Kia Joorabchian now blaming Roberto Mancini for ‘Tevez vs Manchester City’

Oh will you please just go away…

Kia Joorabchian is intent on blaming everybody but his client for Carlos Tevez’s issues at Manchester City; it was the translator, it was unfair Sky questioning, it was a misunderstanding, and now it’s actually Roberto Mancini’s fault.

Joorabchian was asked whether he could see any reconciliation between player and manager, to which he replied:

“This is something for the two of them to work out. This is a personal relationship between two people. We have seen this happen all through the summer. I think we have seen [Cesc] Fabregas, [Luka] Modric, [Samir] Nasri… The list goes on, but they are high profile names. Throughout the summer they were handing in transfer requests, refused to travel, refused to play. I think that is a problem in general. But they refused to play in a different way. It was handled in a different way. Those managers handled it very differently. And the clubs. Roberto has his style of management. He is very direct and totally different to, let’s say, Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger or even Carlo Ancelotti.”

As far as I’m aware, neither Cesc Fabregas nor Samir Nasri refused to travel or play during their time at Arsenal, and Luka Modric was left out of a game at Old Trafford by his manager – it’s not the same at all.

Please, please, please stop trying to justify what happened, especially given that Mancini’s ‘direct’ management style currently has Manchester City second in the table and unbeaten.

Carlos Tevez at Corinthians, at West Ham, at Manchester United, and at Manchester City – what’s the common theme? Unrest, acrimony, and in some instances scandal and wrong-doing. Are we really to believe that Tevez has just unwillingly stumbled through a succession of clubs and managers that have treated him badly, or is Team Tevez’s money-lust and collective diva-ish behaviour the real problem?

It’s always a money problem, or a family problem, a failure to settle, an unfair manager, or a bad range of restaurants – a different day a different problem, you’re running out of excuses for your client Kia.

Paddy Power are still offering odds on whether Tevez will ever play for City again – very tempting. Get on it…

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  1. Here’s a quote from an interview at the leaders in Football conference. God nows why Joorabchian got an invite:

    ” DD: Did Carlos Tevez refuse to play for Manchester City at any stage?
    KJ: Well there’s an internal investigation going on, so whatever I say here is my opinion and not Carlos’s. I haven’t spoken to him about it. What the investigators think and what Carlos thinks is their issue. I’ve tried to keep at arm’s length from it. I am party to some extra information that I hopefully will not divulge today! ”

    How can he have extras info when he’s not spoken to his client. Surely Tevez would be the first person he contacted (or Tevez contact him) . Who then wrote Tevez’s statement

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