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Georgi Kinkladze – Best bits in England

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In an age of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, younger readers will probably be singularly unimpressed by this. But in the mid-to-late 1990s Georgi Kinkladze cemented his place on our personal Mount Rushmore of foreign players ever to play in England. Dainty and diminutive, with a wand of a left foot and the ball control of a Brazilian, Kinkladze is both one of finest talents to come out of Eastern Europe and one of the most unfulfilled.

As is nearly always the case with mercurial talents, his career disappeared into a fog of bad decisions, car crashes, and over-eating. The £5m transfer from Manchester City to Ajax should’ve given him his talents a stage upon which they could flourish, but instead a very public fall-out with Manager Jan Wouters limited him to twelve appearances in two seasons. From that point on, ego and work-permit issues turned the rest of his career into a figurative death rattle, bouncing from between teams and continents until finally hanging up his boots in 2006. On an interesting side-note, who knew that he actually turned out for Boca Juniors on-loan prior to joining City? Strange one.

Anyway, here’s the most complete compilation YouTube offers on him…

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