Gary Cahill’s hesitation over prospective Chelsea contract is extraordinary

Some of you will remember a situation a few years ago between Liverpool and Lee Bowyer. Back when he was still good, Bowyer was targeted by the Merseyside club and was on the verge of a move to Anfield. Unfortunately, the player dallied so long over the personal terms offered to him, that Liverpool eventually retracted their offer – the logic being that if his decision was predicated so heavily on financials, then he obviously didn’t want to play for the club enough.

The same series of events looks to be repeating itself with Gary Cahill and Chelsea.

This is a 26-year-old player approaching his prime, who’s being given an opportunity to play his football – and enhance his international credentials – at one of the biggest clubs on the continent. Frankly, whatever Chelsea were offering should have been enough for the player to snap their hand off.

Since when did the difference between £80,000 and £100,000 override ambition? This is Chelsea and this is Gary Cahill, the player needs to be more aware of how little bargaining power he has in this situation – if the desire to play for the club isn’t there, then Chelsea should treat this as a red flag. There are plenty more centre-halves of Cahill’s ability elsewhere.

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  1. Cahill currently plays for the club with the worst defensive record in the league and is in fact the kingpin of that area and yet he is making demands-clubs dont need players of this ilk-let him go mess up united or spurs defence

  2. Wel, u ve written well if he is the one delaying the deal den CFC should leave him nd go 4 anoda 1 pls no time……..

  3. ultimately I agree but we have to sit back. We don’t really know the truth of it, I think it’s all agents haggling for their client and, moreover, for their fee. I think it has as much to do with the signing on fee. What cut does an agent get?? In recruitment an agent gets a % scale of the wages, often annually and in football, I bet they get a % of the signing on fee = agents bending ears. If this deal goes through, we’ve got to support the player in the Blue so lets not hate him already, lets hate the system that creates this mess.

  4. completely agree,its not looking good sends out the wrong signal to chelsea and the fans.drop the talks and go for someone hungry to play for chelsea football club.

  5. I completely agree. Drop him and grab someone elsewhere for God sake. I don’n see anything extraordinary in Gary Cahill.

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