Football Betting in the UK – Best Platforms and Tips For Beginners

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Did you know that football is one of the most popular sports for betting in the United Kingdom? If you look into the statistics, you probably won’t be surprised by this. With the fact that over 76.8% of the UK football-watching audience admits to having placed a bet before, there’s no doubt that many individuals across the country find football betting enticing.

If you consider yourself to be a football fan and feel that luck is on your side, why not place a bet on your favourite team for the next game to make it a little more interesting? Now let’s take a look at why it may be worth getting into football betting, where to place your bets and how to maximise your potential.

Why Get Into Football Betting?

Out of all the different types of sports that you could choose to bet on, there are quite a few reasons why football can be one of the most worthwhile choices in the UK.

For one, even if you’re not the biggest fan, there’s a lot of potential that can be tapped into. If you enjoy sports betting in general, you should certainly consider the fact that the popularity of football attracts a lot of people to place wagers. In turn, more and more bookies offer options to bet, to keep up with demand. In other words, you are not likely to experience any kind of shortage of betting offers with football.

There are multiple ways to bet on football too, giving you the opportunity to customise your gambling experience to suit your unique preferences. Some of the main types of football betting include:

Bet builder. While still fairly new, it’s certainly popular among bettors across the UK. Essentially, a bet builder is an accumulator of outcomes from a single match, rather than multiple (also known as same-game multis)  

Match bet. The simplest form of wager you can make is a match bet. This is where you put your money on what you think the result of the match will be. Whether it’s on the home team, away team, or a draw, you get to decide

Player props. Also known as player stats, these bets are an excellent example of how far football wagers have advanced. This type will allow you to lay money on a number of different things. From who will score the first goal, to which players will be sent off.

What Are the Best Football Betting Sites in the UK?

Countless individuals around the world watch and love football, so it’s not surprising that there are many gambling sites out there ready to place your bets. To give you a helping hand in starting out, we wanted to introduce you to a few safe football betting sites UK. These can be a good option for beginners as they cover most types of bets you may be interested in:


•Different leagues from across the globe

•Detailed statistics on matches

•One of the best betting sites on the market to date


•A variety of promotions for football betting

•An easy to use site

•The option to create your own bet (with #PickYourPunt)

William Hill

•Great betting odds

•£30 in free bets when you wager £10

•Well-designed mobile app to make betting on the go even easier

While these are just a few examples of the top betting sites and their features, they will hopefully give you an idea of what’s on offer and where to search for the best football betting platform. If you’re looking for even more options, we’d recommend other popular sites like Novibet, Paddy Power and Bwin.

5 Tips That Beginners Should Know

Do you want to get the best possible start in football betting? If so, it can be a wise idea to learn a few tips and tricks from more experienced bettors before you begin placing your own wagers. Luckily for you, we’ve got 5 pieces of advice that could help you to get the most out of the experience, in terms of both enjoyment and winnings.

1. Do your football homework

If you’re already a fan of the sport, you’re probably going to have quite a bit of knowledge when betting. If you’re more of a casual fan or you’re simply looking for a fun way to gamble, it’s recommended to do a bit of research to learn about the leagues and teams. Any other useful information will also be beneficial. The more you know, the higher your chances are of placing a successful bet.  

2. Go for lower selections

Your odds of winning a bet that’s 100/1 are far lower than if they were 10/1. While the less likely odds can come with higher rewards, the chances that you’ll actually win are far lower. This is why it’s often best to opt for singles or doubles, especially for beginners. 

3. Learn the different types of bets

With over 10 different types of wagers available to bettors, it can be important for anyone hoping to get ahead to find out what each involves and whether or not they may be worth trying. Your betting experience will be unique to you, so it’s important to consider what you want from it and how to achieve that.

4. Take the time to find the right online bookmaker

There are so many football betting sites available and this is one of the main reasons why experts would tell you to hold off on making any bets until you’ve done your research. Opting for the wrong platform could end up putting you off – and minimising your potential for success.

5. Know what NOT to do

Finally, alongside knowing how to make a bet, you should also be wary of the things that could lower your chances of winning. For example, the most common amateur mistakes are not managing bankroll, or always betting on your favourite team despite lower odds being offered. 


There’s no doubt that betting on a game of football can be exciting. Especially when you’re confident in your chances of victory, which only makes the payoff even sweeter! Football betting can be a great option all around for those who want to have a wide and varied experience while enjoying a good game.