Everton’s Jack Rodwell being linked to Manchester United

Not this again.

Darren Fletcher’s hiatus from the game has led to a flurry of speculation about how Manchester United will restock their midfield. Predictably – and lazily – Jack Rodwell’s name is now being banded about, as is a price tag of £20m.

Is £20m just the default press-value of any promising English player? You can’t even really blame the press for this, because there are clubs – ok, mainly just Liverpool – who will actually pay that kind of money for under-developed British talent.

Jack Rodwell is a good player, and he has the attributes to grow into a solid international in a couple of years – but notice the future tense. Why, in the middle of his development curve, would it be wise to go and sit on Manchester United’s bench? He should stay at Everton, and become an integral part of that team first – build a proper reputation, lest he should become the next Jordan Henderson.

I find the lack of patience in the game so frustrating. Another Everton player, Ross Barkley, had barely played an hour of Premier League football before he was being anointed and linked with £20m moves to Manchester United, Chelsea etc. Note again the ‘£20m’ fee.

I can’t stress enough that I think that Rodwell will become a good player – maybe not in the ‘second coming all-conquering way that Henry Winter does – but at the moment he’s still quite limited. He needs to learn the nuances of midfield play, and actually develop his understanding of the position – that’s not a criticism, just a reminder that he’s only 20-years-old.

Let’s just relax and let him play. Why the rush for the big transfer fee and the big stage?

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