Enjoying Manchester City’s treatment of Carlos Tevez

Manchester City in their affluent form can sometimes be slightly unpalatable; such is the nature of envy. However, I think it’s time for a sincere and hearty round of applause for the way in which the club have handled Carlos Tevez.

Ironically, the commodity that City possess that has turned us all green-eyed is the very same one that has enabled them to strike a blow against player-power. Minor and subsequently insignificant as it will soon be, I’ve still enjoyed it.

As has been obvious for some time now, the players rule the game. Don’t like your club – sulk and get a new one. Don’t like your contract – tell the press about it. Don’t feel like playing – don’t bother. Don’t like your wife/girlfriend – physically assault her.

Carlos Tevez is guilty of the majority of the last paragraph, and it’s warmed my heart to see City flex their financial muscle to spite him. It would have been all to easy for Sheikh Mansour to write the net loss off on Tevez, and allow to move to the first club willing and naive enough to take him – and it would have been forgivable, the Argentine is the proverbial dressing-room cancer after all.

“Absolutely not Carlos, you can train with the u10s until someone matches our valuation of you – and if they don’t, well that’s really more your problem than ours isn’t it?”

I’ve loved every second of it – because there’s nothing that Tevez or Kia Joorabchian has been able to do to force City’s hand.

“Oh he’s on enormous wages is he? So be it, we can afford to just keep paying them”

Ultimately, as we all know, as and when the ugliest man in all of South America does move to another club, it will all begin again – and buona fortuna to our Italian friends with that.

Still, small victories…

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