Bleeding heart footballer stories remain pointless

I couldn’t help be notice Michael Calvin’s piece in The Mirror yesterday, an article predicated entirely around the untold hardship stories that exist in football – all underlined with the context of Carlos Tevez’s £200,000/week salary.

Sample quotes:

“As Tevez sulks on £200k a week, real pros are forced to take menial second jobs to survive. Welcome to the real world of professional footballers supposedly living the dream.

One – a former ­Championship utility player – will cut your lawn and tidy your hedges for £25 an hour.

The second – a journeyman striker at a Northern club – does the odd plumbing job to make ends meet.

The third – a popular ­defender who has had three clubs in a year – is being ­supported financially by his girlfriend.”

Look, I think that Carlos Tevez is as petulant and greedy as everybody else does, but let’s not get silly – this kind of article is a waste of internet space. You don’t need to draw such comparisons to illustrate the point about Tevez, it speaks for itself. Ultimately, all those phantom players mentioned are paid what they are because of their worth – that’s the economics of sport unfortunately.

Tales of players being supported by girlfriends or having to work second jobs just don’t resonate with the public, because if you’re not a good enough player to command enough money to survive on then you should give up the game and get a more lucrative career. Yes, yes, there are qualification obstacles for a lot of these guys, but no more so than for most of the rest of the population.

If you gave most adult males between the ages of 18 and 35 the choice of playing professional football but having to pick-up some bar shifts, or continuing with whatever employment they’re currently in, I’m guessing most would take that. Regardless of the wages involved, that is still ‘living the dream’ for most civilians

There are always choices, so save us the violins – and save us the Tevez parallel, because none of us can relate to it anyway.

Manchester City to remain unbeaten for the whole season? 16/1 with Paddy Power.

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