Blackburn growing ever more bizarre

Junior Hoilett’s contractual situation seems to sum up Blackburn at the moment. Just quite how well-informed or well-intentioned Venky’s were when they bought into the club will likely never be revealed, but what’s become more obvious is that they have no business in or around football.

Rather mischievously, the company’s Wikipedia page currently claims that the Indians are ‘on the verge of going into the asset stripping business’.

The most striking moment in their short history at the club, was the incident that led to Sam Allardyce’s departure from the club. Supposedly on presenting Jerome Anderson, the eel-like super agent and head of the SEM Group – employed by Venky’s as a consultant, with a list of preferred transfer targets, Allardyce received a revised list from Anderson containing names of players that were a better fit for the owners’ ‘vision’ – and then shortly after of course, he also received his P45.

That was the moment when every alarm bell in Ewood Park should have started simultaneously ringing. Or if not then, at least when the club started being densely populated with clients from SEM-affiliate the Kentaro Group – John Jensen and Steve Kean. By the time Myles Anderson, son of Jerome, arrived at Ewood Park in the Summer, it was definitely evident that with the new ownership was going to come a different breed of chaos.

Jerome Anderson

Anderson Senior has now left the club, but that hasn’t made the waters in the North West any less murky. Bank debts, bizarre accounting, and confusion over the owners’ intentions still loom over Ewood Park, and 14 months after the club changed hands, nobody is really any the wiser over why Venky’s bought Blackburn in the first place.

Outwardly, they seem to have done everything possibly to devalue their asset; an inexperienced manager, very limited investment in the playing squad, and complete alienation from the fanbase – all conspiring to make this probably the most disliked regime in Premier League history.

And so back to Hoilett, whose contract will expire in the Summer – and who will surely have the common-sense to not even contemplate signing a new one. Given that the Canadian is arguably Rovers’ most valuable commodity, how has this been allowed to happen? If I bought a football club, my first call of duty walking through the gates would be to protect the value of my purchase – who are my players and how long are they under contract for?

“Oh really – our most promising player’s contract is up in eighteen months? Let’s do nothing about that, I’m sure it will work itself out.”

Are you joking? When journalists and commentators chastise the Blackburn fans for the ire they’re directing at Steve Kean and Venky’s, do they not take this kind of thing into account? It’s not as if the club’s financial situation has snuck-up from nowhere, Venky’s must surely have been aware of their financial obligations to the bank – so why are they letting a vital asset depreciate in front of them?

I know that all seems to be a disproportionate level of anger for a contractual issue, but it’s just the straw the broke the camel’s back. The whole thing, from top to bottom, from Venky’s through Jerome Anderson, his son, Steve Kean and back to Hoilett, is an absolute farce.

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  1. thepremierleagueowl

    Lots of good points here guys – I agree about the lack of mainstream interest from the press, Blackburn are being done a real disservice.

    Anyway, with regards Jerome Anderson, this may interest you.

  2. Jerome Anderson and Steve Kean have proved that they know absolutely nothing about football. I mage their next job application… “experience/last job…. completely wrecked 135 years of history in twelve months… ruined a stable premiership club”

    would you employ these guys to run a raffle, never mind a football club

  3. lets keep up the pressure on venkys
    and blackburn rovers
    to tell the media and blackburn fans
    what is going on and what role Jerome Anderson had at blackburn and were did all the debt come from and who got what and when?

  4. Your feature says Jerome Anderson has left the club I have been told that Anderson is at ewood park most days.

  5. Brilliant write-up. It’s a shame the broadsheets and tabloids alike don’t seem to grasp what’s really going on at Blackburn. They seem more content to take potshots at the fans.

  6. Alleluia!! At last an independent voice get’s it. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was going 2 down at home to bottom club and local rivals Bolton.

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