‘Yes man’ philosophy still raging at Newcastle United 3


There’s a healthy amount of incredulity around this afternoon, after Newcastle United announced the appointment of Joe Kinnear as their Director Of Football.

But nobody should be surprised, this is a move in keeping with the club’s hiring policy – Kinnear is a friend of the ownership, will be eternally grateful for the opportunity, and will create no kind of opposition to whatever direction Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias decide to take the club in.

Just like Alan Pardew.

What the occupation of Director Of Football actually entails is a rather fluid concept, as it seems to vary from club-to-club, but Kinnear has already confirmed via Sky Sports News that he will be in charge of the club’s transfer policy going forward.

That’s an amazing decision from Newcastle, because in the pursuit of top European talent, surely the club could have appointed someone who gave them more gravitas than a relic from the Premier League’s formative years. It’s astonishing.

One thought: if Kinnear had a use in this division as a Director of Football, and if he was capable of providing the kind of progression the impending Newcastle rhetoric will inevitably claim him to be, why has nobody other than Mike Ashley tried to employ him in the Premier League for nearly fifteen years?

Ashley has appointed a drinking-buddy, nothing more. He’s a puppet, a buffer between ownership and manager who can be easily manipulated as and when necessary.

This isn’t just a backwards step, it’s a quantum leap into the Stoneage.

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