What next for Luka Modric? 7

The Premier League Owl

Today may very well have been the last time anybody sees Luka Modric in the white of Tottenham.

Maybe a case could be made for saying that the Croatian’s immediate future will be decided by what happens next Saturday night in Munich, and whether the outcome allows Spurs passage into the Champions League.


The trouble with this kind of situation is that it sends out the wrong message to supporters, because a player’s desire to represent a club really shouldn’t hinge on the participation in a cup competition – regardless of the stage it affords them. I think we’re all sick and tired of hearing players claim that they need to be playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for ‘the sake of their career’ or for ‘their advancement within a national team’. It’s a fallacy; a convenient excuse to go and forage for higher wages.

What Luka Modric actually needs to do in the next couple of weeks, is forget about next season, and just work out whether he wants to be playing for Tottenham or not – because if so, the Champions League shouldn’t matter. It’s not really fair to hold the threat of leaving over a club, and this particular situation has just become another example of a player acting above his team.

Modric’s main gripe last Summer was that he supposedly had a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with Daniel Levy that would have allowed him to leave Tottenham should a suitable offer come his way, and that was apparently the condition under which he signed a new contract. Given the way Daniel Levy negotiates everything, it’s very difficult to believe that the Spurs’ Chairman would have agreed to such a thing.

Regardless though, it’s time for Modric to go one way or another – the haggling over money and caveats about Champions League participation are just a smokescreen, if he wants to fill his wallet, then he should go and do that at a club which tolerates that kind of player.

If Tottenham are to push on next year, and make strides towards the summit of the league, then they need players who are on-board for the entire journey, and not the type who still view the club as a stepping stone to a more lucrative future.

Do what you like Luka, but commit to a decision.

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