Warning Fulham off David Bentley

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Don’t even think about it.

There are some rumours circulating this morning that Martin Jol is keen to bring David Bentley to Craven Cottage. That should send a shiver down the spine of any Fulham fan.

There is no greater myth in English football than David Bentley – a reputation carved out of highlights packages, an enormous sense of entitlement, and the temperament of a fatigued toddler. The whole package, he is not.

Bentley is an example of someone that lives comfortably within his contract, by all accounts happy just to pick up his money and remember that he was once heralded as the ‘new David Beckham’. He is to application and desire, what Bob Diamond is to Barclays’ consumer relations.

Fulham should avoid him like the plague. In a side where hard-work and industry are at a premium, the last thing Jol can afford to inject into his side is Bentley’s brand of apathy.

Given that the player is still only 27, it’s reasonable to expect that some of the potential that marked him out as a promising youngster is still there to be mined – it’s not true, there’s nothing left in Bentley. He’s a busted flush with a dreadful attitude.

A loan? Look at what happened when he moved to Birmingham in 2011 – a couple of first-team appearances, and then an inglorious plunge into the depths of a squad not good enough to stay in the Premier League. That’s exactly what would happen at Fulham, and now of course, you have to factor in a serious knee injury into his future projections.

The only place left for Bentley is the MLS – the foreign star ‘look at me’ culture would suit him perfectly, whereas he will never again be worth the wage outlay he commands in the Premier League.

Fulham, you’ve been warned.

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8 Comments on "Warning Fulham off David Bentley"

  1. fleet st rogue | Jun 30, 2012 at 9:07 am |

    Still a twat

  2. No, I just mean Birmingham. His loan spell at West Ham lasted four games, so it’s not really that relevant.

  3. You mean Birmingham and then West Ham on loan where he got injured.

  4. No, I mean Birmingham.

  5. fleet st rogue | Jun 29, 2012 at 3:52 pm |

    Not Birmingham. You mean West Ham. Twat.

  6. “Gets him off our patrol”?

    I didn’t know he was in the army. That will do him good!

  7. Yeb Bentley is a terrific player ideal for Fulham, lets start his promo here.

  8. I think he could do well for Fulham…gets him off our patrol too! Lol

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