Victor Moses’ agent at it again – thoughts…

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Do you remember Tony Finnigan? He’s the agent of Victor Moses, and the blowhard that decided that discussing his client’s contractual situation openly in the middle of the season was in the best interests of Wigan, and not – obviously – just those of the player from whom he creams a percentage.

This is Finnigan in The Sun this morning.

“I think what Wigan have done is tremendous and shows it was the right place for him to go after Palace. But now I think Victor is ready for the next step.

He still has lots of improving to do in terms of scoring goals more regularly.

But I think that would come if he was surrounded by better players.

That’s what he wants and is why he won’t be extending his contract. I can’t see Victor changing his mind.”

That’s really disrespectful. Victor Moses has contributed a lot to Wigan’s survival, but let’s not make his efforts out to be more than they were – and let’s not get carried away with his current ability level.

Yes, his trickery is an asset , but his final ball is frequently woeful and his decision-making is still not good enough to exploit his ability fully. Do you know what helps improve decision making? Regular football. Do you know what he won’t get if he tries to jump up the table too soon? Regular football.

Tony Finnigan’s only other Premier League client at The Players’ Lounge is Nigel Reo-Coker, and beneath him, Marlon King is probably the most lucrative person on their books. As such, Moses is clearly his golden goose, and he’s looking to build his agency with a tidy fee from a big transfer.

If this really is a decision being made on the basis of learning the game, Moses would be best served to stay at Wigan, keep playing top-level football consistently, and then look to move – he should sign a new contract, and then if another team wants him they’ll have to pay a true market price for his services. As it is, he’ll go for a cut-price fee this Summer and be a bit-part at a higher-profile club. Shaun Wright-Philips, Scott Parker, Steve Sidwell, Francis Jeffers – there are lots of examples of careers that were derailed by trying to jump too high too soon.

Part of an agent’s job, although few seem to realise it, is to advise their client’s against making poor career decisions – Finnigan is letting his player down here by failing to do just that. How about you stop thinking about the short-term financial gain for just one second?

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2 Comments on "Victor Moses’ agent at it again – thoughts…"

  1. Great shout re. Ellington, Graham – completely forgotten about him. Which essentially makes your point…

  2. Graham Fairhurst | May 10, 2012 at 12:04 pm |

    Excellent article , I agree completely. Victor Moses should speak to Nathan Ellington the last player he moved on from Wigan for the same reasons. Where is he now?

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