Tottenham & Antoine Griezmann: Not as silly as it sounds

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The Times’ reports that Tottenham are holding a strong interest in Real Sociedad’s Antoine Griezmann and that the club are supposedly willing to match the 23 year-old’s release clause.

The same paper also claims that Bayern Munich are pursuing the player and, for obvious reasons, that’s left many skeptical over Tottenham’s chances of actually signing the French international.

Forget the identities of the clubs and think more about the levels of the game that Spurs and Bayern Munich represent: at this stage of his career, Griezmann would be better suited to a club of Tottenham’s size.

Griezmann is unquestionably a star of the future and his last two seasons at Real Sociedad have proven that he really is more than just hype, but be careful in believing that he is already a finished product.  Despite his encouraging performances at the World Cup – where he only really started because of Franck Ribery’s absence – he’s not yet ready to compete for a place in a squad as talented as Bayern’s and if he was to move to the Allianz Arena he would be confined to the periphery of the team.

Griezmann’s best position is as a wide-forward, and Bayern aren’t exactly struggling in that area: ArjenRobben and Ribery are natural first-choices for Pep Guardiola, and with Robert Lewandowksi’s arrival at the club Thomas Muller will also become an option in one of those positions.

Even if he converted into a full-time central playmaker, he would still have to contend with Mario Gotze and Xherdan Shaqiri – really, Bayern Munich is a locked door for anyone who isn’t truly special.

You will not find a bigger Greizmann fan than me, but he does not yet possess the complete game to get in front of any of those players – and why spend the next few years of his career as a bit-part when, given his talent, that kind of move will surely still be available to him in the future?

That doesn’t mean that he’s heading to Tottenham – in fact, experience tells us that he’s almost certainly not – but a club of that stature would be a good-fit for Antoine Griezmann.  Regular football at a relatively ambitious club where he can play alongside some equally talented attacking players?  There are worse options out there.

He seems determined to leave Sociedad this Summer and it would make sense for him to climb the football pyramid on a step-by-step basis – and, if he does want to keep his place in the French national team and sustain his current rate of development, then he is going to need to play every week.

He will get to the top of the game, of that I have little doubt, but he needs to time his arrival properly.

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  1. A couple of good seasons and a profit on the resale would make him very good value and while I haven’t seen much of him what I have seen suggests he’s got game. Might well be as much as we need up front

  2. | Jul 17, 2014 at 6:16 pm |

    Maybe his international captain could have a word with him and convince him that it would be a ideal move.Imagine Lamela on the right and Greizmann on the left. Now thats what you’d call fluidity.

  3. Arsenal seem to have moved on from French players. They’re busy recruiting as many German players as possible now. So much for the FA’s plan of integrating young English players into Premier league clubs. The only two who’ve moved up a level are Shaw and Lalana. I wish Tottenham would resign Caulker as it was a huge mistake selling him in the first place. All this talk of spurs needing a CB wouldn’t be necessary if he’d been kept at the Lane.

  4. He could go to Arsenal as the manager is French, establish himself and move to a bigger club such as Bayern, Barcelona or Real if you consider him to have that much potential. Prior to the WC, he was virtually unheard of and granted, he did well enough but is he really worth the kind of money being asked for him supposedly?

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