Time for Daniel Levy to address the Tottenham fans

Ordinarily, I’m extremely critical of any owner or chairman who is too vocal, and I dislike anyone from the non-playing side of a football club trying to develop too much of a public profile – but in Daniel Levy’s case, his lack of visibility is creating all kinds of other issues.

Three days have passed since the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas and, beyond the white noise of the standard issue press-releases, the silence from Levy has been deafening.

Ever since the dismissal of Harry Redknapp at the end of the 2011/12 season, a palpable division has existed within the Spurs supporters and, while disagreements of managers’ job-performances are common, that’s principally because – to this day – Levy never attempted to give any kind of clarity to that situation. While the media and the fans can all guess as to why Redknapp was removed, nobody really knows for sure – and hence that situation remains, absurdly, relevant a year-and-a-half after the fact.

…and now the same scenario is repeating itself with Villas-Boas.

Was the Portuguese relieved of his duties because of poor performance? Because of the two humiliating results to Manchester City and Liverpool? Because of inner-conflict with out members of staff? Nobody knows, and the only people who are really benefiting from this vacuum of information are the ambulance-chasing element of the media, the Neil Ashtons and Martin Samuels of the world who are making great trade from passing speculation off as fact – and, in so doing, making Tottenham more of a Premier League laughing-stock by the day.

If Daniel Levy was to issue a statement, providing a glimpse into his ambitions and the reasoning behind his movement over the past couple of seasons, the supporters might not unanimously agree with him, but they would at least feel as if they were being respected – as things stand, to be a Tottenham fan feels akin to being a child who is being treated as though he can’t possibly understand his parents’ methodology.

“Accept it and shut-up, you’re just a supporter, you’re not entitled to see anything beyond the pitch”.

It’s in Levy’s own interest to start some sort of dialogue, because nothing looks particularly healthy from the outside; for a second straight Summer, the team’s best player has been sold despite promises to the contrary, and for the second straight Summer, the club’s net investment in its playing staff has been zero. Not only does he demand progress over a short timescale, but he provides obstacles to that development without making any kind of adjustment to his expectations – he’s the archetypal unreasonable employer: he’s the boss who gets rid of your most talented co-worker, but who then gets angry when your company’s performance suffers.

Today, Tottenham fans woke up with their side out of the league cup, with an interim manager in possession of no coaching experience at first-team level, and with another humbling defeat due in three days’ time. On top of which, nobody is really that sure of why this situation exists, nor what is actually being done to remedy it.

Spurs are very hard to love at the moment, and for the sake of the fans’ affection for the team, Levy has to start giving some kind of justification for his actions and providing at least some insight into what he expects to realistically achieve in the future.

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12 Comments on "Time for Daniel Levy to address the Tottenham fans"

  1. daily hots | Dec 19, 2013 at 7:21 pm |

    the board are a total joke and should step down now we werer going forward now its like we have gone back 6 years the players are a discrace there the ones payed to wear the shirt with pride and give blood and sweat in games levy and co are a discrace to tottenham hotspur fc addressing the fans will not do anything unless he’s about to tell us a new buyer has come forward he has ruined this club just like sugar did when he was in charge the only reason he bought all the players was for proffit not tottenham hotspur fc loosing to man city 6-0 was a hammering comming because of the negative play then we loose to dippers 5-0 at home players a total discrace then last night no bottle loosing to wet spam which is harder to take than the last two results levy says the atmospher at whl is a discrace yet you banned the drum from whl yet away fans can bring them, well levy fook off and give us back our club never in all my years have i been ashamed to be a spurs fan i support spurs with pride through thick anmd thin yet this season is taking it toll all the supporters who payed to watch us at man city against liverpool and wet spam should be given there money back for having to watch such crap im not looking forward to the fa cup eather to dare is to do the players need to understand this and grow some balls and quickly if they want us to get behind the team

  2. Brian in NY | Dec 19, 2013 at 6:13 pm |

    It is interesting that on one hand no one knows what went on behind the scenes and why AVB resigned, fired or mutually split, but everyone seems to be in the know. Article after article I have read stating AVB was fired because of the summer signings, Baldini conflict, issues with Ade, disagreements with Levy, etc, etc. The truth is no one and I repeat no one with the exception of AVB, Levy, and maybe Baldini knows what happened, so the media just makes it up. I read one article about a writer that is supposedly friends with AVB say he wasn’t fired but quit or they mutually agreed to separate. Just maybe Levy is trying to take the high road and doesn’t want to paint AVB in a bad light.

    The fact is AVB was one hamstring injury to Bale last year from being a very poor manager with no other ideas. Levy gave him a lifeline this year with out having to depend on one player. Spurs were able to sell Bale for more then Ronaldo (just think about that for a minute) is a minor miracle that most people would cheer. Levy gave to AVB quality and depth, but AVB failed to make proper use of the team that most BPL Managers would have killed for. That and the whole he needed more time is rubbish. The fact that he changed his lineup for every game and refused to play certain players for what ever reason was his doing not Levy. Why doesn’t someone ask AVB why he didn’t play Ade, Eriksen, or Lamela besides the odd game here and there. How is a player suppose to gel if they don’t play? Maybe ask why he played Naughton at LB when he is a RB and then sub him at halftime against Liverpool? Maybe ask him why he played Paulinho at the #10 position when he hasn’t played there before and you have Eriksen, Holtby, and Siggy sitting on the bench. It is easy to blame the players if you play them out of position. How do you think Defoe would do at CB? You see my point, everyone wants to blame Levy, but personally AVB has been crap this year and he needed to go. Now go get FDB and we will be all set. Also, be thankful we have a Chairmen that avoids the press. In America we have owners that love to talk and it is beyond annoying.

  3. A lot of the problems at Spurs is down to Levy himself. For one he is too impatient and that’s the least of the problems. Look at the players he has just signed as they have Levy’s name all over them. The people Levy always signs are people that have one thing going for them and that is potential, maybe with the exception of Lloris and Soldado. Lloris has been fantastic whilst Soldado would be fantastic if we played to his strengths which is a well known fact.

    Getting back to Daniel Levy he always always picks people that show POTENTIAL rather than show CREDENTIALS. The money he has thrown away on managers getting compensation he could have gotten a proven manager such as Mourinho, Hiddink or Klinsman if he had paid the going rate tor these type of managers.

    If only Levy did the same with the players that are ranked

  4. We are going back to midtable with Levy, when he bought the team we were 9th or 10th. With an owner who doesn’t invest in the team and a chairman who is a football moron the best we can do is about 6th, 4th or 5th on a good year.
    I’m still gonna be a fan, but slowly back away from my belief that we are a top 4 club, like Tottenham is a wild animal that is lost, slowly back away

  5. levy has to go, we are a laughing stock, he does sell all our best players and were going nowhere with him at the helm

  6. Jim Savage | Dec 19, 2013 at 5:09 pm |

    Sooner or later the fans will turn their Anger on the people in the West Stand who have appointed 10 managers but failed to get continuity,giving us hope but no end product.We have talent bue we need the Ferguson touch,needing someone with a track record of being THE manager and not your friend COYS

  7. I agree with Aaron, I think Levy needs to go. Every transfer window for the last 3-4 years we have been 1-2 players short of a genuine top 4 team and each time he has either signed nobody or a cheap alternative to what we actually need. Then along comes the summer just passed and suddenly we sign a load of players but not one of them is a world class player the type that we need. what a waste of 100million, there is no point in having depth in the squad if you haven’t got real quality to start with!

  8. jim smith | Dec 19, 2013 at 4:22 pm |

    Agree that he should communicate with the fans at least occasionally !
    About the manager/team ambitions, and also about the new stadium development.

  9. Good article and this is exactly how I as a Spurs fan feel…..somewhat dismayed at what the bloody hell is going on, what the hell is Levy up to?? Yet again poor decision making and making the same mistakes again and again, selling our best and strongest players and never really replacing them. I have been saying for many years now that whilst Levy is great at balancing the books and keep us finacially secure he is holding our club back!! Let his involvement stay purely on finance and leave the rest to people who know what they are doing. If things do not change for the the better and soon, then Levy should be the one shown the door!!!!

  10. Really good article, I have been saying this for years
    Levy is the problem, we have hit his ceiling. He lives in a fantasy land and will not break into the top 4 with him in charge.
    He has no football understanding so going back to being midtable seems fine to me. Our spreadsheet resembles a mid table team, hopefully we don’t free fall like Leeds.

  11. What the bloody hell is going on with the club I love?! We are a premier league laughing stock and have made zero progression in the last couple of years. I dont think Levy needs to address the fans I think he needs to step down.

  12. I’m feeling your pain

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