Steven Gerrard’s England squad status shouldn’t be as certain as it is

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There are some bookies markets floating around that price Steven Gerrard as the favourite to be England captain at evens for the European Championship.

That’s amazing.

What did we say yesterday regarding John Terry and Rio Ferdinand? That one of the biggest weaknesses in English football is our insistence on picking players on reputation rather than form.

Gerrard is going to be 32 at the end of this month, he’s taken part in only 16 league games this season, and he’s looked short of his best the majority of the times he has featured. How does that kind of season qualify you for the England captaincy?

How does that kind of season even guarantee you a place in the starting eleven?

When most people think of the Liverpool captain, they do so while imagining him in his swashbuckling prime – he’s not that player anymore. We have got to stop picking players based on what they were, and open our eyes to what they are.

You know the FIFPRO shortlist that gets selected every year? The one that reads just like a list of players that people have heard of? That’s how the England team seems to be selected.

“Rio and JT at centre-back – obviously. Stevie G and Franky Lampard in the centre…”

No, these players have failed to perform at every international tournament that they’ve ever been to – it’s time to move on, especially when none of these players are performing particularly well anymore. For the last time; we have got to stop awarding England caps on the basis of fame rather than suitability.

Steven Gerrard, despite his merits domestically, has never adjusted to international football; he doesn’t have the discipline required for it. Why does anybody think that now that he’s out of form, has lost a step of pace, and is more injury prone than ever, that all will suddenly click into place?

It’s illogical. Pick the team based on who the best performing players are – isn’t that the oldest principle of team sport? Not in England apparently.

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4 Comments on "Steven Gerrard’s England squad status shouldn’t be as certain as it is"

  1. Agree about Lampard, Miles, he was outstanding in both legs against Barcelona.

    He just got lumped in as part of the example…

  2. I agree that looking at players form over their reputation is the best way o go for England, and for that reason Terry, Ferdinand and Gerrard wouldn’t get near my starting eleven. However if it is being picked on form then surely Lampard has to start? He’s running the chelsea team from deep at the moment, organising the link all the way from defence to attack. Chelsea look a completely different side without him, whereas I don’t think the same could be said for any of the other three.

  3. Gerrard is still one of the best midfielder for England. The only reason that he performed not so well (compared to club performance) is because he was played in a more defensive role to accommodate Lampard. Almost every time when Lampard is not playing or Gerrard is played in a more advanced role, he delivered good performance. The link-up between Rooney and Gerrard is probably the best within the squad. I would say England will need to use him wisely to have a good result in Euro 2012.

  4. OLUSEGUN AKINTUNDE | May 11, 2012 at 9:40 am |

    this is a stupid story form is temporary while class is permanent so u pick based on class not on temporary form just like italy germany (countries who have won things) do they focus on class and not get distracted by temporary form

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