Richard Scudamore’s assurances over Blackburn are empty

The Premier League Owl

“I am not going to get dragged into criticising Venkys as people or as owners. They have behaved themselves as owners of clubs in terms of what we require of them.”

Those are the thoughts of Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore – and are in addition to him assuring Blackburn fans earlier in the week that their club is not headed in the same direction as Portsmouth.

That’s fine Richard, but you’re kind of missing the point here. The situation with Venky’s is about far more than just balance sheets and long-term financial futures. That’s the problem with the Premier League, they’re completely incapable of thinking outside of a monetary context. Everything’s about cash, and supporters are just consumers.

Wake up. Football fans don’t care about profit margins and stability projects, their concerns are centred on the pitch, and whether they’re being given value for their money and their loyalty. Obviously, neither of those boxes have been ticked by Venky’s at Ewood Park.

Rather than shrugging his shoulders, putting his hands in his pockets, and walking away because the Rao family ‘behaved themselves’, maybe it’s time to readdress and redefine what is actually required of club owners and possibly give the fans some reassurances in the face of future takeovers.

Don’t you think Richard? Wouldn’t that be fair, given that it’s ultimately the fans’ loyalty which props up the Premier League brand. Or are you now so convinced that the product has an inexhaustible level of demand that you think that disenfranchising fans is an irrelevance.

It’s funny, when the issue at hand is brand expansion and the possibility of a ’39th game’ in some far away petrodollar dictatorship, Scudamore is incredibly progressive and very proactive – not with Venky’s though, supposedly he’s powerless there.

It’s not too dramatic to say that as the Premier League’s Chief Executive, and as the head of the organisation that rubber stamps foreign investment in top-level football, Scudamore has to take responsibility for what these people do during their time here.

If Venky’s haven’t broken any rules and have adhered to the guidelines set by the Premier League, then a new ownership criteria needs to be drawn up and Scudamore should be replaced by somebody willing to implement it.

It’s gone too far now, it can’t always just be about cash harvesting.

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4 Comments on "Richard Scudamore’s assurances over Blackburn are empty"

  1. J C Knowles | May 12, 2012 at 1:51 pm |

    Scudamore you are a DISGRACE – resign and let someone else, who hasnt got his snout in the trough to take over your job.

    Just like the article says, the “fit and proper persons test” shouldn’t just be about new owners wealth – it should be about “their ability to properly run an English football club” – a concept that you seem unable to get your head round although these “priciples” are already in place for wannabe owners of German clubs and US football clubs.

    Just like Kean and Venkys – YOU HAVE FAILED in your job – go now and let the EPL be run by someone more able and less tarnished than yourself !!

  2. Well written article. Fortunately there are clear thinking people out there (or should that be animals) like The Premier League Owl that highlight the crux of the problem. Scudamore just doesn’t wan’t to admit that the Premier League “Fit & Proper” rules aren’t worth the paper they’re written on!!!!!

  3. You reflect my thoughts entirely. Venkys’ behaviour throughout this season have tarnished English football and most definitely the reputation of the Premier League.

    I only hope that the fate of Blackburn Rovers and their loyal fans be a catalyst for change. Scudamore appears to me the architect of everything that is wrong with football in these times and maybe he has to go before the rot besets yet another team, for the good of the fans and of the game as a whole.

  4. The premier league should hang it’s head in shame that it is happy to stand idly by and watch as a founder member is viciously asset stripped by it’s owners while the “manager” acts as a smoke screen.

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