Newcastle potentially playing with fire

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Most of you will have read Alan Pardew’s comments about the possibility of a high player turnover in this Summer, and his lack of protection if affluent clubs take a fancy to any of his players.

The newly-crowned Manager Of The Year also spoke of the solace he takes in Mike Ashley’s aggressive selling philosophy.

Why are Newcastle are so public about this? Derek Llambias made some similar comments earlier in the year, which only really served the purpose of letting everyone know that all the players at St James’ Park have a price. It’s almost as if Ashley, Llambias, and Pardew are trying to attract interest.

What Pardew said about his owner is definitely true; Ashley does drive a hard bargain, and that obviously has its benefits, but is that the way to run a club? It’s starting to look a bit like the footballing version of property flipping.

This year it’s worked, Newcastle have bought well and all the incoming players have gelled seamlessly. But there are no guarantees about sustaining that kind of approach over the long-term.

Say, for example, Demba Ba, Yohan Cabaye, and Cheik Tiote all leave the North East this Summer, Newcastle are then in the market for three core players, and – fitting with what’s gone on previously – they’ll be looking to bring them in as cost-effectively as possible. If it goes well, then great – you get a season like 2011/12, but if doesn’t, you have the potential for turmoil. The Cockney Mafia look very smart at the moment, but this a risky way to run a team – not financially of course, but in the ‘on-pitch’ sense it is.

Obviously Newcastle are not Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea, and they face the same vulnerability over their players as all the other clubs do, but it’s just a bit unsettling to hear how willing the owners are to take profits on key performers and then roll the dice by only reinvesting a fraction of that in the team.

That’s putting a lot of faith in your scouting department.

Newcastle have been a breath of fresh air this season, and financial austerity should certainly be applauded in the current climate, but this kind of talk is a bit of a red flag over the kind of boardroom gambling that could end badly.

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4 Comments on "Newcastle potentially playing with fire"

  1. I agree with you here. But one thing I would like to point out. Pardew is no top Manager. Sure he got a cup of sorts……….who from? The only reason Newcastle got where it is, just the same as runners start a marathon, just be out in front for five minutes. Then they fail. But in this case there is a reason, not an excuse.

    Some of our top teams have turned turtle for some odd reasons. Chelsea are lucky to be where they are. John Terry and the nonsense of racialism etc. If you can’t take a dig about your colour or race, then you should not be in soccer. Soccer can be tougher than cricket, but in cricket, the sledging is very common, on all sides. Phil Edmonds would tell you this. So Terry loses his stripes, pre judged by the jerks at the F.A. He tried to shake a bloke’s hand, and the bloke snubbed him. OK, Terry should have put his foot up his arse!

    Pardew took over from a well run team ran and organised (single handed, no Jack Carver to manage for him!) by Chris Hughton, the possible Manager of West Brom: So he he will get to meet the wonder manager.

    Pardew has no feelings or thoughts for the team, like Cashley and Lambiarse he is in it for the money he cops when they flog a player i.e his cut in the transfer fee.

    Next season we will see the truth emerge. Pardew will be possibly be replaced by Jack Carver, that is if Jack (Understudy to Bobby Robson for 4 years!), offered job by Gary Speed to Assist in Wales National.

    The teams that Pardew got the points from were in disarray, and that will not be the case next season.

    Lambiarse is going to take on the Newcastle City Council re: St.James’ Park! And over 30 M.P’s! The Gibraltar born turned Cockney has to be joking! Also, when the Olympics start, how are the visitors going to find shirts and knickers ground? There is no signs nor will be any.

    As I said I do agree with you and the comments you make,they are my own thoughts.

  2. Nah totally disagree with ToonGuy and PLO.

    If we’re to applaud Ashley/Llambias/Carr/Pardew et al. for their tactics in scouting and buying/selling this year then it’s illogical to go onto suggest they shouldn’t do the same thing next year. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the club is financially secure – Champions League football does not bring that if the approach on getting it is to spend loads on bumper contracts and transfer fees. If we come 8th next season but continue to improve our financial stability and youth/scouting networks then I will be much happier than if we come 4th and it is apparent that we have spent beyond our means to get there.

    A rush of blood to the head at this stage risks undoing all the good work behind the scenes that Ashley has done. The club can be ambitious – the fans just have to accept that reaching their ambitions will be achieved over a period of several seasons with slow and steady growth, not rapid and unsustainable expansion. For evidence of this, see Leeds United, or the majority of Western economies!

  3. This is not trying to attract bids from clubs this is warning our fans to be realistic,If real or any body else comes in with a mega bid for cisse or any one else and they want to go then they are gone and this applies to any club not just ours ie nasri torres fabregas.

  4. Have to agree. A rotation policy is no good if you are consistently talking risks on bringing in players who it is hoped will do equally as well as those leaving. If they don’t (and there’s no guarantee) you are on a downward slope.
    Now we are where we are, we should maximise on our success and be looking to bring in top players who will replace our good performers and let them drop down to become squad members. That how the team constantly evolves in quality.
    It’s not rocket science and hasn’t got to cost a fortune.
    Depends on how tight Ashley wants to be and how much of a gamble he wants to take – again!

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