Maybe Tottenham should turn the tables on Jan Vertonghen


Jan Vertonghen hasn’t been seen in a Tottenham shirt since he limped off at Anfield, and it’s now being suggested that he’s waiting to find out who the club’s new manager will be before choosing whether to remain at the club.

Or, another way of putting it, he hasn’t quite decided whether he’s ready to flounce out of White Hart Lane and hold his teammates responsible for Spurs’ lack of Champions League football.  The Belgian has been characterised as a dressing-room leader in the past, yet this season he’s shown himself to be anything but – Vertonghen has been an enormous liability and someone who absolutely cannot be relied upon in big game situations.  Put him in a pressurised scenario against a top-tier opponent and his default response will be to cough-up a game-altering error.

He wants to play for a bigger club, that’s become very apparent, and why should Tottenham tolerate that kind of flimsy attitude from someone who – at best – has been a middle of the pack performer this year?  Football teams need strong characters and dominant personalities, not turncoats who refuse to front-up when times get tough.

This isn’t Gareth Bale or Luka Modric, because talented footballer though Vertonghen unquestionably is at his best, his ‘best’ is so rarely seen now that he’s become very replaceable.  Even Modric – after he had spent the Summer of 2011 demanding a transfer to Chelsea – was able to muster the required professionalism to be a positive influence during the following the season, but Vertonghen’s recent, dramatic slump in application doesn’t suggest he’s capable of anything similar.

He might well be a valuable player to another team, but with his attitude remaining the same he is of little on-pitch worth to Tottenham – and actually, Daniel Levy would probably be better served by selling him this Summer and reinvesting the revenue in a player with a less transient attitude.

Maybe a new manager would appease him, but then how long would it be before this kind of behaviour repeats itself?  What happens if Mauricio Pochettino, for example, only leads Spurs to fifth or sixth place next season?  Presumably Vertonghen would look for a way out again – and by that stage he would be a year older and twelve months further into his contract.

This isn’t a young player who doesn’t know better, this is a twenty-seven year-old international in his prime – his personality is not going to mature any time soon.

Take the money and run, or face exactly the same problems in the future.  He’s a soft-minded player who thinks he belongs above his current level – let him be somebody else’s problem.

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14 Comments on "Maybe Tottenham should turn the tables on Jan Vertonghen"

  1. Is his contract up? If not he can shut the fuck up and get back to training.

  2. spurgatso | May 19, 2014 at 2:14 pm |

    Just get rid of the Incredible Sulk asap

  3. al granville | May 19, 2014 at 1:32 pm |

    Has it not occurred to Vertonghen that he was partly responsible for a disappointing season. How dare he decide he doesn’t want to give his all. Players share a collective responsibility when a team under acheives.
    Get rid of the sulking prick

  4. sheikh352 | May 19, 2014 at 7:25 am |

    Not forgetting the best one of the lot, who retired. God bless Ledley King!

  5. Simplyspurs | May 19, 2014 at 7:05 am |

    Ok mclovin Levi to jan, jan avb asked you play left back for a while for the team I know you did not like playing there but he thought as you play there for your country and it’s the only place you can play to get into their team. He and the club needed your help sorry he upset you. jan guess what that man avb he’s gone now, the new guy sherwood will play you at centre half all the time, now that’s got to make you happy. Jan your still not happy now your saying things like I’ll think about my future, I want to play champions league football, but your attitude is not of a champions league level, jan I’ll tell you what, you tell me who you want as manager then I’m sure we will have the best centre half in the world, that try’s to do all he can for the team at all times, now promise me jan promise me you wont let me down, the supporters down and most of all yourself down

  6. Jan’s reported behaviour this season has been very disappointing and his form has been poor since AvB was sacked. I for one was lobbying for Sherwood’s dismissal and I only hope that it was Sherwood’s poor management which was responsible for Jan’s mid-season slump.

  7. Spud — I think it wasn’t so much the number of these good-to-excellent players that were brought in, though AVB made it much more of a problem because he didn’t base their introduction to the team on the solid nucleus already here. For example, he ejected Adebayor even from consideration, thereby in one move handicapping what the team was capable of on the field. New boy Soldado was left on his own, trying to make it up as he went along — and doomed by piss-poor service.

  8. david rhodes | May 18, 2014 at 8:41 pm |

    I agree i would sell anyone who does not want to stay…never understood the anti sherwood stance

  9. Dave Collins | May 18, 2014 at 7:10 pm |

    All this talk by players stating that if a club does not achieve champions league football they will move on, well if they are under contract then
    the club should tell them they are not going anywhere a contract is a contract and you are contracted to play for us and if you don’t
    then you will either sit on the bench or not be selected at all
    your choice

  10. if I was being managed my dimwood I would react in exactly the same way as Jan

  11. Trying to read between the lines is never easy with Spurs, but it seems as if De Boer doesn’t want to be second choice, and Pochettino is clearly number 1. If we don’t get him (Pochettino that is) we are going to watch an embarrassing scramble and land up with the likes of Mancini. This doesn’t look like it will end well.
    You unload 9 managers in 13 seasons it leaves a stigma, and that’s just the reality of the matter. Whoever we get next better be a keeper.
    As for Vertonghen, one good season and one totally crap. Ideally I’d keep him for the rest of his contract and have him sit on the bench, but that’s not going to happen so trade him to Everton for Stones and be done with it.

  12. It’s not as much the selling that worries me as the replacements that were brought in when we had the funds. How did we pick up so many that failed to produce any indication of the ability that they had previously shown at other clubs – was it all down to 2 bad managers that they all slumped that badly ?

  13. Should he want out he would only be doing what Carrick, Berbatov, Modric and Bale did previously. It seems to be fashionable for some of the more talented players to use Spurs as a shop window for a couple of seasons and then start whingeing about the Champions League. It’s what is known as self-serving and while there are bigger clubs with tons of money to spend Spurs are going to have to face up to this type of behaviour. I think Vertonghen is hoping to see DeBoer as the next Spurs manager otherwise it is goodbye to him. Though I have to agree with Yido’s comments and it depends what promises were made when players joined our club. I sincerely hope DeBoer gets the managers position- given his CV I think he would merit a crack at getting Spurs where they should be -Top 4.

  14. Or look at it from his point of view..we sold 3 of our best players in the past 3 seasons

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