Liverpool’s Luis Suarez: Top 3 goals of the season


Ok, so enough of the negativity around this player, let’s move back to appreciating how gifted he is.

Here are, in no particular order, three of his best goals from 2012/13:

Vs Tottenham (home)

This goal isn’t solely about the Uruguayan, it just happens to be capped off by his impudent little finish past Hugo Lloris.

This is Liverpool at their very best, and the initial combination between Philippe Coutinho and Jose Enqrique embodies the club’s ‘pass and move’ ethos perfectly.

When Enrique plays the final pass in to Suarez, the weight of the through ball has to be so precise, because the margin for error – between it being cut out by Michael Dawson, running through to Lloris, or pushing the forward too wide – is so small. A great goal from a fantastically entertaining game.

Vs Norwich (away)

Specifically, the second goal in the video below.

This wasn’t Suarez’s most spectacular moment, but it deserves inclusion for a couple of reasons – the effort he makes to close down Michael Turner and force him into a mistake, the touch he shows to get around the Norwich defender, and the technique in the finish. Watching a player use the outside of his foot to finish from that far out will always be a delight to watch, and it’s a neat summation of Suarez’s class and conviction in his own ability.

On top of all of that, the Norwich crowd had been ironic cheering a Suarez miss just seconds before this – and what a way this was to silence them.

Vs Newcastle (home)

The difficultly level with this was off-the-scale.

Jose Enrique’s long ball drops over Suarez’s shoulder rather than into his stride, and that makes the immaculate chest control extremely impressive – even if he was under no defensive pressure it would still be worth applauding. That he has one of the league’s best defenders in close attendance, and that he manages to take both Fabricio Coloccini and Tim Krul out of the game with just one more touch makes it even more remarkable.

We say it again and again, but the very best players really do make the advanced parts of the game looks so, so easy.

Yes, his touch is other-worldly here, but admire also his awareness of what’s occurring around him, because that’s just as exceptional.

Lovely goal.

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