Desperate for something to happen at Manchester City’s training ground

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There have been many Mario Balotelli-themed stories this season, but this is probably the worst. The papers, understandably, seem to trail the Italian night and day with the hope of him providing some additional content.

The Daily Mail, favourite of the housewives and enemy of real people everywhere, have this morning won the prize worst football story of the year. It’s a remarkable effort.

“Talking tactics or a telling off? Balotelli gets private training ground chat with Mancini”, is the headline, and you can probably guess how pointless the story is going to be from that point on.

‘So what’s he done now then? Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini is busy preparing his side for Sunday’s title decider at home to QPR.

But he had to take time out during Wednesday’s training session at Carrington to pull controversial striker Mario Balotelli to one side.

The pair appeared to hold an animated discussion with Mancini waving his finger at Balotelli, in what looked to be a bit of a grilling.’

Okay, that doesn’t sound unusual for a training session at a football club, does it – so presumably there’s a bit more to this for it to justify its publication?

No, there isn’t.

So, the Mail have printed a story about two Italian men holding a discussion and using their arms to gesticulate at each other. Fu-cking hell; that’s probably never happened before. Is this really what passes as journalism now, or does the search for negative City stories validate everything, no matter how thin.

If the founding fathers of the internet had known that their creation would be used for stories like this, they’d have surely torn up the blueprints.

Staggeringly weak.

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4 Comments on "Desperate for something to happen at Manchester City’s training ground"

  1. roger haigh | May 10, 2012 at 8:20 am |

    I used to read the daily mail when it was given away FREE at the gym i went to. even then it was OVERPRICED for what it offered.

  2. They will trot out the tired old lines of how we bought the title and all the ‘nited players for the last 20 years came through their youth system and were born and bred in Salford.

    Don’t expect any humble pie from the Mail or the Scum – both are toilet paper straight off the presses.

  3. So sad

  4. I might buy the Mail on Monday after City’s title win. I will get pleasure from reading what these anti City Journos are forced to report ie praise/lauding/back pedalling/humble pie etc, might get the Sun for the same reason too

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