Chelsea’s David Luiz: full-back?

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The Premier League Owl

The Premier League Owl

David Luiz is an extremely accomplished footballer, but one without a natural home on the pitch. His ability to do good with the ball at his feet is not in question, but unfortunately neither is his tendency to do harm without it.

Chelsea have shifted the Brazilian into midfield lately, and while there are obvious benefits to having him in that role, he very much looks like someone playing the position from a handbook – it’s not natural. Additionally, the lack of responsbility he showed at centre-back has really just been shifted into midfield now – he’s the same liability, just in a different way. Luiz is not the best tackler, he doesn’t have the discipline to track runners from midfield who go beyond him, and that’s obviously a problem against good sides.

How about using him as a full-back? It’s a hypothetical situation obviously, but theoretically it should work. Luiz would have the license to go forward and join the attack, but without having such a pivotal defensive role. Playing at right-back obviously has defensive duties that come with it, but not to the same extent that a central role does. One player to mark, maybe with an overlapping second; a simplified assignment for a player who struggles in his own half.

Offensive there would be no problem: Luiz has the pace to play out-wide and the ball-skills and vision to be a useful attacking outlet. It might be a disaster, but it also might be the position on the pitch which best fits his physical and mental attributes.

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3 Comments on "Chelsea’s David Luiz: full-back?"

  1. David Luiz was played as a left back by Benfica a few times. One instance comes to mind where they played AVB’s Porto. They lost 5-0 and right-winger Hulk was man of the match

    I bet Luiz still has nightmares where Hulk violates his flank. David Luiz is not a fullback

  2. Sir Cecil | Jan 10, 2013 at 9:02 pm |

    I’ve never seen a player send so many shots twenty yards over the bar in such a short space of time. He looks like what he is, a player doing his best out of position. Sadly, no-one has found a REAL position for him. It’s not fullback, but apparently not centreback either. Nor midfield on his erratic showings. He is skilled, but not TOP quality in any area – is he the best header of the ball? Or the best tackler? Or best dribbler? Or best striker of the ball? Or best man marker? Or best anticipator of an opponent’s movement? Or most sturdy? No, he is NONE of those things, not even at the club, let alone the league. He needs to make way.

  3. Do you actually watch Chelsea and David Luiz play? Since moving to midfield he has been consistently one of the best players, he clearly wants to be a candidate for captain so he is actually showing heart and character which is great in a player. And as for not a good tackler, he is one of the best stand up tacklers we have, as well as making more interceptions than anyone and breaking up the play, exactly what we need, and the manager would be a fool to play him anywhere but defensive mid.

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