Benoit Assou-Ekotto leaves Tottenham: Thoughts 4

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Benoit Assou-Ekotto has confirmed tonight via his Twitter account that he’s leaving Tottenham to spend a year on-loan at Championship side QPR. Realistically, even though the move is temporary, the Cameroon international’s less-than-great relationship with Andre Villas-Boas probably means that the club’s fans have seen him in a Spurs shirt for the last time.

Beyond the footballing issues relating to this – Tottenham’s reliance on Danny Rose as first-choice left-back etc – it’s always sad to see a player like Assou-Ekotto leave a club at which he’s enormously popular.

This is an engaging personality, and someone who hasn’t been infected with the levels of self-importance that so many other modern professionals are, and as such it’s far easier to warm to players like Assou-Ekotto. Compare, for example, his tube-traveling, Tottenham High Street-shopping tendencies with the cliched caricature of the sneering Premier League player: Assou-Ekotto, by all accounts, is not someone who lives his life behind a velvet rope, who doesn’t burn £50 notes in the faces of supporters, and who doesn’t feel up other people’s girlfriend’s in the dark corners of West End nightclubs.

Good for him, he’s actually a person.

For a little bit of extra reading on Assou-Ekotto’s foundation, BAE32, you can click here.

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