Benoit Assou-Ekotto leaves Tottenham: Thoughts

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Benoit Assou-Ekotto has confirmed tonight via his Twitter account that he’s leaving Tottenham to spend a year on-loan at Championship side QPR. Realistically, even though the move is temporary, the Cameroon international’s less-than-great relationship with Andre Villas-Boas probably means that the club’s fans have seen him in a Spurs shirt for the last time.

Beyond the footballing issues relating to this – Tottenham’s reliance on Danny Rose as first-choice left-back etc – it’s always sad to see a player like Assou-Ekotto leave a club at which he’s enormously popular.

This is an engaging personality, and someone who hasn’t been infected with the levels of self-importance that so many other modern professionals are, and as such it’s far easier to warm to players like Assou-Ekotto. Compare, for example, his tube-traveling, Tottenham High Street-shopping tendencies with the cliched caricature of the sneering Premier League player: Assou-Ekotto, by all accounts, is not someone who lives his life behind a velvet rope, who doesn’t burn ¬£50 notes in the faces of supporters, and who doesn’t feel up other people’s girlfriend’s in the dark corners of West End nightclubs.

Good for him, he’s actually a person.

For a little bit of extra reading on Assou-Ekotto’s foundation, BAE32, you can click here.

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  1. Madness. AVB has learned nothing from his time at Chelsea. His job is to manage characters not banish them.

    Harry was quoted as saying (and I’m not a harry fan) “Benoit, for me, is one of the best left backs in the Premier League, so I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring him here. “I really think he’s top class. He played for me every week at Tottenham and never let me down once. He’s a great lad and will add great quality to the squad.”

    It can’t be for footballing reasons as Rose will never be a patch on BAE so it has to be a personality clash, and as BAE has not has any issues with management in 7yrs at the club the problem must lie with AVB.. AVB needs to learn management skills.

  2. Really , really not happy about this . Maybe I am mental , but I honestly think that B**e’s success down the left flank when he played there was partly due to BAE. Always thought we looked more threatening with him playing – yes he made a few mistakes but I genuinely feel that on his day he is in the top 3 lbs in the league . Letting him go is a mistake IMO . I hope this isn’t true

  3. Daniel Levy we another striker ASAP loan or permanent please don’t miss out before window shuts. Ade needs to go, keep Defoe and Lennon + one more quality (loan or buy) good striker. we need goals and options up front. what happens if Soldado gets injured we are too weak up front and need more options. Forget chelsea players as Mourinho on wind up, so shop abroad.

  4. Rose is not a defender, so the left back position could be screwed unless Spurs get a replacement.

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