Arsenal & Liverpool, Raheem Sterling, and the silliest transfer story ever told

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I can barely type this with a straight face.

Shaun Custis of The Sun would have you believe that Arsenal are about to bid Theo Walcott and £8m for Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling.

So, given that Walcott is available for free in the Summer, that would be just the £8m then? Liverpool can have the Arsenal winger in the Summer, and they’re not going to give up Sterling to get him.

So, just so that we’re all on the same page, that’s Liverpool selling one of their most talented players in a generation for £8m – or, half a Jordan Henderson in Dalglish money. I’m not sure many people are going to buy that.

Honestly, I don’t know how Custis even had the balls to pass that to his sub-editors. He clearly sat down at his desk late last night, realised he had nothing to actually published, and tossed off a fictitious transfer story about a trending player. Very…cynical. How very fortunate that it involves two well-supported clubs and will likely generate a lot of traffic on The Sun’s website.

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2 Comments on "Arsenal & Liverpool, Raheem Sterling, and the silliest transfer story ever told"

  1. That paper has no shame. Still making lies up about LFC. You would have thought they’d have learnt their lesson by now. Kenny Dalglish revealed live on talksport that Kelvin Mckenzie had called him in a panic because they’d gotten the Hillsborough allegations wrong. Kenny told him just run the story again with the headline’we lied’. Kelvin said we cant do that. The rest is history. The day after this allegation the sun ran a story completely misquoting Kenny saying he got the Suarez thing wrong. That says all you need to know about the juvenile unproffesional idiots working for that disgusting paper. Unfortunately it will exist aslong as people keep buying it.

  2. Well the “story” did come from a disgraced rag of a so-called newspaper!

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