Andre Villas-Boas needs a good start at Tottenham

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We like nothing more than a quick rush to judgement in English football, it suits the boom-bust nature of the media coverage that surrounds the game. Andre Villas-Boas is presumably a keen advocate of patience, and after his experience at Chelsea he would probably also preach the virtues of sticking with long term objectives even when they’re not showing an immediate dividend.

Regardless, he needs to start well at Tottenham.

Daniel Levy is not Roman Abramovich, and Tottenham fans are not comparable to their instant success-demanding Chelsea counterparts – but a poor series of results to begin his Tottenham career will heap pressure on Villas-Boas.

In spite of the obvious differences between the two clubs, press treatment of Villas-Boas will be largely the same. What hurt the Portuguese at Chelsea, was the eagerness of several members of his first-team squad to bitch and whine to the tabloids when they weren’t being selected. Rob Beasley and his Chelsea-loving friends were only too happy to print derogatory columns to keep ‘Frankie’ and ‘JT’ happy – it was all very petty and childish, but that’s how the press works here: on agendas.

Should Tottenham get turned over at Newcastle on the opening day, the same writers will be back to making snide remarks about Villas-Boas, be certain of that. Tottenham’s manager will always have an uneasy relationship with the media, for reasons beyond just the Chelsea debacle. He’s well-educated, he’s perceived to be from a privileged background, and he didn’t play the game professionally. Reporters like the old style of manager; the Harry Redknapp’s of this world who ‘know how the system’ works – the new, modern manager makes them feel like outsiders. The friendly soundbites aren’t there, the transfer tip-offs don’t get texted through – managers like Villas-Boas challenge the sportswriters’ mistaken belief that they are as important a part of the game as the players and clubs themselves.

Tottenham could and should get throw the first three games with at least seven points, at which point Villas-Boas can get on with the task of elevating his side to the levels Daniel Levy craves, but combine defeat in the North-East with a slip up at home to Norwich or West Brom, and the same familiar vultures will be ready to reprint all the negativity that’s been kept on file.

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4 Comments on "Andre Villas-Boas needs a good start at Tottenham"

  1. Peter London | Aug 8, 2012 at 1:55 pm |

    Spurs fans expecting seven points from the first three matches will be kidding themselves. They’d be nice points to acquire, but in the particular circumstances and with the available personnel a series of hit and miss results is more likely than not for Spurs’ first 6-10 Premier League matches. You know, defeats, a win here and there and several draws would be very good going. AVB does not ‘need to start well’ at all. Why, because otherwise the media will be on his back? They will be on his back anyway because they don’t like him and preferred his rentaquote-predecessor who almost all got wrong about him being a dead-cert for England manager. They don’t even know their own jobs, never mind know AVB’s job. They influence the more excitable fan, the more easily led, not the steady supporter. The latter understand that with changes in coaching staff and among the squad, it will take a while to iron out problems. After that, Spurs can do well.

  2. Is that why Redknapp was hounded out, even though he achieved things Spurs fans hadn’t been close to before

    Spurs fans are totally over expectant and all non Spurs fans believe this. Perhaps you are the minority but seriously no one else sees Spurs fans in that light

  3. Yes because football was only created once the premiership began, just shows what a tool you are. Fact is the only teams to win the premiership (I will talk in terms of premiership only to help you out) are established Champions League teams or teams who have bought it. Seems it will be the only way. Every fan of every clubs wants success, it’s why you follow your club. Of course according to people like you every other team should just stop trying to be successful as it just anooys your club. You plastic fans are whats laughable.

  4. Sir Cecil | Aug 8, 2012 at 11:06 am |

    “Tottenham fans are not comparable to their instant success-demanding Chelsea counterparts”.
    Of course they’re not! They are used to no success at all, let alone “instant” success. They have won the exact same number of Premiership titles in their history as Crystal Palace, Shrewsbury, Cambridge and Dulwich Hamlet. In other words, ZERO.
    “Instant success”? What fans are LESS likely to expect it than Tottenham followers?

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