A staggering take on the Swansea/Chelsea incident from The Mail 2

The Premier League Owl

The Premier League Owl

I’ve written about Adrian Durham before, and I’m genuinely sorry to be drawing more attention to him. Yes, I’ve fallen into the trap of reacting to deliberately antagonistic journalism – but this needs to be read to be believed.

“So, a Chelsea player was sent off for kicking a ball.

Yes, a ball boy was lying on top of that ball to waste time. But Chelsea are the easy target, aren’t they? The small club – the underdog – gets all the sympathy. If it’s a Chelsea player he’ll get the blame because nobody likes Chelsea.”

That’s from Durham’s Daily Mail column, which he uses weekly to publish under-developed thoughts as a means of creating interest in his TalkSport show.

“Hazard has no choice, and actually no damage was done, nobody got badly hurt. The ball popped out of the other side of the ball boy’s belly, Hazard kicked the ball, not the ball boy.

I’ll go even further: this kid is an example of what is wrong with Britain. A generation of kids with no respect whatsoever for adults. No respect for professionals trying to do their job. He’s being treated like a hero by some and labelled a victim by others. What a weird world we live in.”

I’ve already written this morning about the need for a proportional response to what happened last night, and the ball-boy in question is clearly in the wrong – but seriously…

So the ball-boy rolled around a bit and pretended to be more hurt than he probably really was, but from where do people think he acquired that habit?

Eden Hazard had plenty of choices last night, and while no sane person believes that he enjoys assaulting teenagers, he was still quite obviously in the wrong. You can’t turn this into a situation where Chelsea are actually the victim – the story is ‘idiot player reacts foolishly to the actions of an idiot ball-boy’. It doesn’t need to be dumbed-down into a tribalism issue.

If that boy is all that is wrong with modern Britain, then equally, Durham’s article is symbolic of the deficiencies of modern journalism. It’s shock-jock stuff; contrary opinions for the sake of notoriety. It’s cheating, and a short-cut to infamy. There’s no conviction to any of these beliefs, it’s just empty rhetoric written to provoke.

There’s a link to the article here, but remember before you click, you can never delete your internet history entirely – there will always be the risk that someone might find out that you read the Daily Mail.

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