Newcastle United and the questionable value of their profit 1

This morning, Newcastle United have announced that during the financial year between June 2013 and June 2014 the club made a record profit of £18.7m. “I am pleased to report a positive set of results which confirms the healthy financial position the Club now finds itself in and is a reflection of the prudent and(…)

Harry Kane: Vive Le Silliness

Harry Kane: Vive Le Silliness 2

England deserve failure, because we just can’t be trusted with success. But maybe this is all just a ploy? Maybe, if we celebrate louder and more prematurely than any other country, we won’t be able to hear the rest of the world laughing at us? Harry Kane made his England debut last night and, fittingly(…)

Thierry Henry, Sky Sports, and pundit-shaped boxes 1

The bigger the build-up, the greater the expectation. Before his move to Sky was announced and prior to the weeks of Underworld-scored teasers, Thierry Henry had shown himself to be an engaging television personality and his work on the BBC’s World Cup coverage in 2014 suggested he would be a worthy addition – and upgrade(…)

Benito Carbone: Beautiful footballer 0

If football made more sense, players would always physically mirror their abilities. Tough-tackling centre-halves would always have sculpted jaws and buzz-cuts, creative midfielders would play with untucked shirts and socks at half-mast, and willowy wingers would glide down the touchline, hair catching in the breeze. There should be a name for that; a neat one-word(…)

Championship Manager, Pablo Aimar and perceptions becoming reality

Championship Manager, Pablo Aimar and perceptions becoming reality 0

My Football Manager days are well behind me. Any time I flirt with the idea of downloading the new addition, I quickly remember that I’m in my thirties now and that, really, I should be doing something more productive. That’s really the unappreciated peril of working from home.  Instead of enjoying an easy-going existence, the(…)

Juan Mata’s second goal at Anfield: Excellence in execution

Juan Mata’s second goal at Anfield: Excellence in execution 0

Juan Mata’s first goal at Anfield yesterday was pretty special;the pass from Ander Herrera was the perfect exclamation point on what had been an outstanding period of possession football and Mata’s finish was extremely composed given the situation and that it fell on his weaker side. United were terrific in that first-half and nobody, not(…)

Steven Gerrard: An odd celebration of a bare minimum response 1

What happened to Steven Gerrard yesterday was unfortunate.  He clearly deserved his red card and his petulant stamp on Ander Herrera was an absurd retaliation from someone who has played in this league and that fixture for as long as he has.  Still, though, it created an awkward, unwanted bookend to his Premier League history.(…)

Silence is Tim Sherwood’s best friend

Silence is Tim Sherwood’s best friend 1

When Tim Sherwood was unemployed, he used his column in The Independent to – amongst other things – extol his own virtues as a manager. Sherwood is always the hero of his own anecdotes.  He casts himself as the brave, proper football man, fighting against the unenlightened figures of modernity and, during his time at(…)

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