David Moyes is still unsuited to Tottenham, irrespective of convenience 0

David Moyes has no job and Tottenham will soon have no manager. What do you think happens next? Come on, it’s such an easy story to write. Spurs have supposedly held significant interest in three different managers in the past two weeks (Van Gaal, Allegri, Moyes) so while now is not the time to swallow(…)

Blaming Manchester United’s players for David Moyes’ sacking is pointless 1

In the recent days, and after the exhaustion of all David Moyes-related talking points, it has become increasingly popular to attribute blame for Manchester United’s season to a core group of players. It’s really the natural order: a entire season is spent bashing a manager and then, when he’s finally dismissed, the narrative switches and(…)

More scaremongering ahead of Chelsea against Liverpool 0

There’s something very familiar about this ‘Chelsea are going to play a reserve side at Anfield’ narrative, don’t you think? Either this is genuine and the visitors are really going to roll over for Liverpool or Sunday, or this is just another case of Jose Mourinho being his tedious, attention-seeking self. Either way, the desired(…)

Ryan Giggs, Manchester United, and false value 0

David Moyes’ corpse was still warm by the time Manchester United announced that Ryan Giggs would be put in temporary charge for the rest of the season – and even before that, there were a couple of writers who really should know better who were all-in on the player/coach being Moyes’ full-time replacement. Words like(…)

David Moyes, Manchester United, and a failure in practice rather than theory 0

The bells are tolling at Old Trafford and every major news outlet is now reporting that David Moyes has lost his job at Manchester United. The post mortem of the past season will be long and it will be thorough, and it will presumably start with an analysis of how this managerial was made. The(…)

Sherwood the half-truther has talked his way out of Tottenham 21

“I watched Eriksen at 17 at Wembley for Denmark – I rung Daniel Levy the day after and said that he need to sign this boy.” Christian Eriksen has never played at Wembley, and the match Tim Sherwood was referring to took place in Copenhagen at around the time of the Dane’s nineteenth birthday. An(…)

Questioning Jack Wilshere’s World Cup squad place 2

With the good form of Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana, Jack Wilshere’s World Cup starting place has been under threat for some time. With the news now, though, that he will not be fit for another ‘two or three weeks’ there has to be some doubt over the wisdom of taking(…)

The return of the Manchester City ‘mercenary’ tag 3

Manchester City have not had a good week and so it’s with a sense of inevitability that articles branding their players as ‘mercenaries’ have made a return to the press. It feels as if this has always been the default criticism of City; no sooner does something less-than-ideal happen then the sneering begins, and the(…)

Style is a bigger problem than personnel at Manchester United 0

How do you fix something like Manchester United? Well, if you read the papers or the internet it’s as simple as spending £250m on upgrading the squad over the Summer. To a certain extent that’s true because there are parts of this side which are badly in need of renovation, but to return to a(…)

Hull City vs Arsenal: Individual Player Statistics 0

Cold and calculated from Arsenal but, nevertheless, about two months too late. Here are the statistics from The KC Stadium as Aaron Ramsey returns to Premier League prominence: – Aaron Ramsey had 104 touches, more than any other player. – Shane Long and Aaron Ramsey each recorded a game-high 4 shots. – Santi Cazorla created(…)

Joe Allen’s Liverpool performance: Graphics 0

Joe Allen was arguably as good today as he’s ever been for Liverpool, and he gave a really impressive two-way performance in Jordan Henderson’s absence. Allen is bracketed as purely a possession player and someone whose only influence is on the temperament of games, but he did an awful lot of defensive work today and(…)

Norwich vs Liverpool: Individual Player Statistics 0

Liverpool keep going and survive a second-half fightback from Norwich City to continue their march towards the Premier League title. Here are the statistics from Carrow Road: – Steven Gerrard had 96 touches, the most in the game. – Luis Suarez had more shots than any other player (5). – Philippe Coutinho created a game-high(…)

Jose Mourinho now jumping sharks every week 0

“Oh he’s just deflecting attention away from his players – he’s taking the pressure off them.” Is he really? Jose Mourinho’s outbursts of petulance are always afforded special treatment and almost without exception they’re interpreted by the outside world as part of some elaborate masterplan. Think about this, though: what would your reaction have been(…)

Paulinho’s Tottenham performance: Graphics 1

Paulinho presumably was one of the players who Tim Sherwood believes is ‘much of a muchness’ at Tottenham, but the Brazilian had a good game this afternoon – at least within the context of how Spurs played as a whole. Here are his graphics from White Hart Lane, via Squawka: Follow @premleagueowl Tweet

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