Antagonistic journalism and the complaints about its inevitable response 0

So what came first, the anger or the provocation? The topic du jour in football land is Twitter trolling and a high-profile journalist published an article this morning which described some of the bilious hate he has incurred across social media. Regardless of what you may think of that particular person, he’s right: it’s not(…)

Jose Mourinho and his hold over the footballing public 0

Jose Mourinho is one of the most thorough tacticians the game has ever seen.  Beyond all the bluster and the press-conference baiting, he is a remarkably astute manager whose record in the game illustrates not only his footballing acumen, but also his hold over the players he manages. There’s no disputing any of that. The(…)

Tottenham still glow in the Wembley half-light 4

Losing final performances and cold-hearted analysis don’t go together particularly well. In games of less significance, it’s far easier to distance yourself and evaluate a team’s performance without the weight of context. You can write about a game’s passing-triangles, pressing patterns and conversion statistics when the result is incidental, but not when you’re emotionally invested.(…)

Recalling the originality of Super Soccer on the SNES

Recalling the originality of Super Soccer on the SNES 0

This is going to be some pretty fierce geekery, so it might not be for everyone… The early 1990s were a glorious time in football video game history.  Sensible Soccer was busy making a mark on a generation of gamers which has lasted to the present day, International Superstar Soccer was the first incarnation of(…)

The Sam Allardyce straw man argument. 0

Here’s an opinion West Ham fans are used to hearing: “Dislike of Sam Allardyce is based purely on the style of football with which he’s erroneously associated.” Without naming the authors, that seems to have been a popular theme over the past few weeks.  Typically, these articles start by debunking the theory that Allardyce only(…)

The Premier League’s knockout culture is undermining English clubs in Europe 2

This has been a really difficult week for English clubs in Europe, there’s no point in denying that.  Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City all fell rather limply to Spanish, Italian, French and Turkish opponents and, as is now the tradition, that will lead to an evaluation of the Premier League’s place in the continental(…)

This Arsenal side has reached the end of its cycle 4

You can’t really talk about Arsenal without involving yourself in the debate surrounding Arsene Wenger.  Any criticism of a side’s performance – or long-term habits – is naturally associated with its manager and so detaching the two is impossible. But let’s do that for a minute. Quite evidently, Arsenal were shockingly naive against Monaco and(…)

Tottenham, Dimitar Berbatov, and Wembley 2008

Tottenham, Dimitar Berbatov, and Wembley 2008 0

Tottenham and Chelsea return to Wembley this weekend to face each other in a domestic cup final for the first time since 2008. Irrespective of the league cup’s debatable prestige, winning is winning and there’s never anything second-rate about watching your side climb those steps and lift a trophy. Naturally, then, that 2008 final is(…)

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